Grass Oil

Plant Description

Dr Ashok Shahi, Ex Scientist, RRL Jammu and his team has developed RRL-CN-5 Grass after 8 years of extensive Research & Development, which is Superior to Pamarosa and other Aromatic grasses in terms of Fresh herbage and its Oil quality (Geraniol 55-65% and Geranyl acetate 15-23% ) and Quantity (4 to 6kg per Ton of grass)and is being grown across the India like Jammu, Rajasthan, Gujarat and Tamil Nadu.It is observed that oil recovery is better in humid and warm climate. The Oil recovery of RRL-CN-5 in Gujarat is around .5 to .6% (5 to 6 kg, even 10 kg is also noticed per Ton of Grass), hence this crop can be grown very well in Maharashtra and Southern States also.

Export Opportunity

RRL-CN-5 oil is having High Export Potential due to its Geranyle acetate content demand in Perfumery World.


The fresh herbage (Grass) yield is 20 to 25 Ton per acre per year and the Oil yield is 100 to 120 kg and rate of this oil is Rs.1,000 to Rs.1,200 per kg. Rs.80,000 to Rs.1,25,000 income can be generated from one acre. And expenses are not more than Rs.20 to 25 thousand per acre. Net Profit – Up to Rs.80,000 can be generated from one acre yearly, without much risk. The commercial life of this grass is 5 to 6 years.

Drought tolerance

value of this grass is 9% means it requires less water and also can be taken as rain fed crop, in rain fed condition 8 to 10 Ton herbage can easily be obtained from two cuttings which give 32 to 40 kg of Oil which amounts to Rs.32,000 (Rs.1000/kg X 32kg = 32,000)

Soil Erosion

By cultivation of this grass soil erosion can be checked along with additional income of Rs.30,000/acre/ year, instead of planting Vetiver grass. Saline Soil/Water- This Grass can also be grown in the wide range of Saline & Alkaline soil & water, It can tolerate Saline soil up to 8.5 pH and water up to 2500 TDS, area where other crop can Not Sustain economically.

This Aromatic Oil Project can be implemented in below models.

Fully irrigated area of 12 to 15 acre, Semi irrigated (up to March) 20 to 30 acre Rain fed more than 30 acres, at one place or within 5km radius. (2) This project can be Implemented by ATMA (Agriculture Technical Management Agency) and other NGO or Gove. Agency through cluster of farmers. (3) Farms adjoin/near to forest and having wild animal problems can be turned into opportunity. (4) Uncultivated/Barren lands also can be brought under this Project.

How to implement

Raise the Nursery of one acre for further plantation of 12 to 15 acres. Nursery can be raised in Feb-March and Jun-July and re plantation can be done in Jun-July and Sep-October. It has to be done under Supervision of consultant. We provide complete CONSULTANCY on Turn Key Project up to the Marketing of the Oil at best prize. Also undertake Joint Venture